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Aldi cuts the price of more than 30 products

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

The discount supermarket Aldi has made price cuts to more than 30 household items including oranges, peaches, and apples.

Many essential items are also included in the latest price cut including butter, hygiene products and pet treats.

It comes as Aldi was once again named as the cheapest UK supermarket by Which? for July. This is the 14th month in a row it has been voted as the cheapest shop.

The latest price drop from Aldi sees the average cost of a product included fall by 7% in price. It said more than 130 items have now been cut in price in the last two months.

Many fresh fruit and vegetable items are included such as as a pack of five everyday essentials oranges for 89p (from 95p), a six pack of everyday essentials apples for 95p (from 99p) and a packet of specially selected easy peelers (600g) for £1.39 (from £1.49).

Other items in the latest price drop include a can of tuna chunks in brine for £2.49 (from £2.65), Belgian waffles for £1.35 (from £1.55), and biodegradable wipes for 99p (from £1.09).

Supermarkets helping out

In the face of the cost-of-living crisis and soaring food prices, the majority of supermarkets have cut prices this year.

Loyalty schemes such Morrisons More and Nectar Prices have also been launched to give cheaper prices to members.

News this week also showed that food price inflation is at its lowest level seen since December 2022. Yet despite it falling, prices are still significantly higher than they were a year ago and some experts have predicted they will stay at this level.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, said: “Our promise is that we will always offer the lowest grocery prices and we’re doing everything we can to pass savings on to our customers. As Britain’s cheapest supermarket, shoppers are switching to Aldi from every other supermarket.”