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Bills to rise for millions of Sky customers

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Millions of Sky TV and Broadband customers will see their bills go up by an average of £42 a year from 1 April.

The telecoms giant said average bills will rise by 5.1% or £3.50 a month.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Sky Cinema is going up from £10 to £11 (if a customer is already in-contract, it won’t increase)
  • Sky Entertainment is increasing from £20 to £22
  • Sky Broadband will increase by £1, across all packages
  • Sky Fibre Broadband will increase by £2 across all packages
  • Sky Q Multiscreen is increasing from £12 to £13
  • Sky Talk Evening and Weekends will increase from £4 to £5
  • Sky Talk Anytime will increase from £8 to £10

Sky Sports, Sky Go, Sky Box Sets, Sky HD, Sky Voicemail, Talk International, in-contract Sky Cinema and Sky Kids will not be increasing in price.

TV and Broadband price changes will take effect from 1 April, with Talk changes taking effect on 1 May 2019.

A spokesperson for Sky, said: We try to keep costs down and provide greater choice for our customers to pick the package that best suits them. We know price increases are never welcome, but we hope customers can see that our innovation, great content and our industry leading customer service provide good value.”

What are the rules if you want to leave?

If you’re a Sky TV customer and you’re not in your minimum term contract, you can cancel penalty free at any time by giving at least 31 days’ notice. You can cancel by phone, web chat, post or email.

If you’re a Sky Broadband and Talk customer and you’re not in your minimum term contract you can switch to another provider without incurring early termination fees. You can place an order with your chosen provider (not applicable to Virgin Media) and don’t need to contact Sky.

If you’re moving to Virgin Media, you need to contact Sky first to cancel Sky services in line with Virgin service start dates.

Sky Broadband and Talk customers who are not in their minimum term contract can cancel penalty free at any time by giving at least 14 days’ notice. If you are in your minimum term contract, you can cancel within the first 31 days.

Sky TV customers who are in their minimum term cannot cancel their contract as the price rise is in line with the terms and conditions of their contract.

Shop around

Sky follows in the footsteps of EE and Virgin, who both recently announced price increases.

Mark Pocock, home comms expert at www.broadbandchoices.co.uk said unhappy customers should shop around for a better deal.

“You don’t have to take broadband and TV from the same provider and there have never been more options in the paid-for TV market so the traditional one-size-fits-all mega packages might not be the best value for what you need,” he said.

“Sky now offers Netflix as part of their ‘Ultimate On Demand’ package so start by checking you aren’t double paying and for those that use Amazon prime for shopping, there is also a lot of video content available as part of the monthly fee. I recommend making a list of what you actually watch, not what you think you might watch, and then choose a package to suit that.”