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BT Sport 50% bill credit for June

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

BT Sport to show 20 live Premier League games with season set to restart on Wednesday 17 June.

BT Sport customers will be able to get a 50% bill credit on their subscriptions next month.

The news comes after the announcement that the Premier League will re-start on 17 June and will join live Bundesliga and UFC on the BT Sport line-up.

BT Sport customers could claim a full bill credit during April and May as live sport was suspended due to coronavirus – and now they can claim a 50% credit for June too.

BT Sport customers who have already applied for a bill credit for April and May, don’t need to do anything. They will receive their 50% bill credit automatically in June.

If you haven’t yet applied for a BT Sport bill credit, you’ll be able to apply for your 50% June bill credit from 1 June. You can do this on the BT website and you’ll need your BT account number.

If you subscribe to BT Sport via Virgin, Sky or TalkTalk you’ll need to contact your provider to find out about bill credits.

Virgin Media allowed customers who subscribe to BT Sport t to pause their subscription when live sport was suspended.

Sky announced earlier this week that Sky Sports subscription payments will kick in again on 19 June, assuming the Premier League re-starts as planned.