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Hey gig spender: Third of music fans would dip into mortgage pot to buy concert tickets

Nick Cheek
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Nick Cheek

A third of music fans would sacrifice savings from their rent or mortgage pot to go to a gig, according to a ticket comparison website.

Over half (51%) of concert goers would also borrow money from family or friends so they could attend a concert, while a quarter would opt for a second job to pay for an upcoming concert.

It isn’t just housing costs that the nation doesn’t mind dipping into to head to a show, SeatPick’s survey of 3,000 Brits found that one in six (18%) would also use money set aside for education fees.

The study from the ticket comparison site follows Taylor Swift’s Eras huge world tour selling out in the UK and crashing websites in the process, such was the demand. The price of a seated ticket to see her perform at Wembley hit the £200 mark when booking fees are factored in and one resale website even listed a ticket for over £3,000, the BBC reported.

Desire for live music spurred on by pandemic cancellations

That amount would prove too much for 20% of adults in the UK who said they would pay over £500 to see their favourite artist live.

Following the study, a spokesperson for SeatPick said: “We are seeing huge demand for concert tickets on SeatPick in recent months. Perhaps this is still a residue from the pandemic, where mass concerts and sporting events were unavailable to us all.”

They added: “Or maybe it is due to the high number of top-class performers that are either on tour or planning a tour during the course of 2024.

“Taylor Swift is the standout performer touring the world in 2024, and demand to see the American has been off the charts. If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime concert, our survey shows the masses are willing to shell out top dollar to see stars like Swift, Beyonce or The Weeknd.”