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Iceland brings back hugely popular £35 air fryer… but there’s a catch

Nick Cheek
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Nick Cheek

Customers who spend £20 in Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores can get the Tower 4L Air Fryer for just £35, more than £20 cheaper than other retailers.

From Monday 28 November, customers at Iceland Foods or The Food Warehouse will get the chance to buy the four litre Tower Air Fryer for £35 when spending a minimum of £20 in store.

Shoppers will also receive 10% off on their next shop.

When the air fryer originally went on sale in October, Iceland sold out of all 20,000 in under seven days.

Due to the demand, another 20,000 will be available to its customers at the same price – £21 cheaper than the same product at Argos, and £14 cheaper than B&M.

Air fryers are causing a stir

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, air fryers, which are on average cheaper to run than standard electric and gas ovens, have soared in popularity since 2021.

According to the price comparison website Price Runner, the number of people comparing the cost of air fryers rose by an average of 3,000% in the last year.

Households reliant on oven cooking could save up to £426 per year by switching to more energy efficient cooking appliances like air fryers.

In addition, Utilita Energy’s sustainability experts recently revealed that the Tower Air Fryer would pay for itself in just 67 days of using it instead of an oven, based on the cost of energy under the new Energy Price Guarantee.

Iceland also compiled a list of savings that could be made when cooking a range of everyday foods (see table below).

Air fryer savings on everyday foods

Product Oven cost to cook Air Fryer cost to cook Saving
Crispy Chicken Breast Fillet Strips £1.05 (20-25 minutes) 16p (10-12 minutes) 89p
Butter Basted Chicken Breast Joint £3.78 (1 hour 30 minutes) 65p (50 minutes) £3.13
Breaded Cod Fillets £1.05 (25 minutes) 29p (22 minutes) 76p
Luxury Caramelised Onion & Pork Sausages £1.26 (30 minutes) 38p (12-24 minutes) 88p
Source: Iceland foods

‘Market-beating price’

Iceland’s managing director, Richard Walker, said: “Given the market-beating price, we knew the air fryers would be popular when they first became available, but no-one could have predicted they would have sold out so quickly.

“It reveals the tough situation that a lot of our customers are finding themselves in. With the weather getting colder and energy bills continuing to rise, we knew we needed to restock to help those who missed out the first time around.”