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New loyalty scheme for Morrisons shoppers

John Fitzsimons
Written By:
John Fitzsimons

Morrisons has revamped its loyalty scheme.

The supermarket has ditched its old Morrisons ‘More’ scheme, where shoppers were rewarded with points based on the money they spent with Morrisons, whether online or in person. These points were then converted into money-off vouchers that could be spent in Morrisons.

How does the new programme work?

The new scheme is called My Morrisons, and promises to provide shoppers with personalised deals and discounts based on their previous spending.

To see those deals, you’ll need to log into the My Morrisons app or the website. Crucially, you’ll then have to ‘activate’ those deals so that they apply to your account.

Once you then head to the store, you can scan your app or card and benefit from the discount on offer. You can activate as many offers open to you as you like, while there are no limits on how many of them you can use in a single shop.

Existing members of the More scheme can no longer earn points on their spending at Morrisons, and have until 9 August to convert their points into vouchers.

Is it any good?

It’s still a little early to say for sure how the new Morrisons loyalty programme compares to the old More scheme. There are undoubtedly concerns about how practical it is, particularly for older shoppers or those who are not so comfortable with technology. Whereas the previous scheme relied only on presenting a physical card at the till when you finished your shop, the new programme relies on activating deals in advance. 

What’s more, ultimately the new scheme will only succeed if the deals presented to shoppers are actually relevant to them. At least with the old More scheme, you could spend the vouchers as you saw fit ‒ with the new programme, if all of the deals are on items you aren’t interested in buying, then there’s little reward.

Nonetheless, for dedicated Morrisons shoppers it is at least worth giving the new scheme a try. What’s more, by picking the right credit card to cover the costs of that shopping, they can build up additional rewards at the till, from points for other loyalty schemes like Nectar to cash through a cashback credit card.