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Aldi cuts food and veg prices

Aldi cuts food and veg prices
Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Aldi has lowered its prices on some fruit and vegetable products ‘to help Britain eat well for less’.

The latest price drop – the biggest round of cuts Aldi has announced so far this year – represents about a quarter of its produce range, with more than 50 items falling in price by an average of 7%. These include berries, grapes, tomatoes, apples and ready-to-eat salads.

Which? recently named Aldi the cheapest supermarket of the month for January, with a basket of 72 items costing 32% more at the most expensive supermarket compared with Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi, said: “This year we’re aiming to cut more prices than ever before – helping our customers access the lowest prices possible.

“At Aldi, we are committed to making healthy and varied diets affordable for all – with many customers often coming to us for our low prices but staying for the award-winning quality.”

Which products are falling in price?

Here are some of the items Aldi has re-priced.

Product Old price New price
Nature’s Pick Brown Onions Three Pack £0.95 £0.89
Nature’s Pick Loose Bramley Apples Each £0.59 £0.49
Nature’s Pick Red Apples 2kg £2.99 £2.69
Nature’s Pick Royal Gala Apples Four Pack £1.39 £1.29
Specially Selected Strawberries 227g £2.69 £2.49
Nature’s Pick Cherries 200g £2.29 £1.99
Specially Selected Blueberries 250g £2.79 £2.49
Nature’s Pick Sweet & Crispy Salad 190g £1.15 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Galia Melon Each £1.89 £1.79
Nature’s Pick Chestnut Mushrooms 250g £0.95 £0.89
Nature’s Pick Baby Chestnut Mushrooms 200g £1.29 £1.19
Specially Selected Piccolato Tomatoes 400g £2.59 £2.49
Nature’s Pick British Apples Six Pack £1.49 £1.29
Nature’s Pick Strawberries 227g £1.99 £1.89