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Revealed: The cheapest supermarket to buy Christmas dinner

Revealed: The cheapest supermarket to buy Christmas dinner
Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Waitrose shoppers can cut cost of Christmas dinner in half by switching to Aldi, according to research by a marketing firm.

Adventrum totalled up the cost of a Christmas dinner at six UK supermarkets to calculate which shop is the cheapest for customers.

The study factored in 15 components of a Christmas dinner, including everything from an extra large turkey crown and pigs in blankets to the cranberry sauce and a six-pack of mince pies.

Which is the cheapest supermarket?

The full cost of a Christmas shop was calculated as follows:

  • Aldi               £48.49
  • Tesco            £58.09
  • Asda             £58.67
  • Sainsbury’s £58.85
  • Morrisons   £64.08
  • Waitrose     £98.49

Aldi proved the most affordable supermarket for a Christmas dinner shop, setting back its customers just £48.89. The calculated cost for the same items at Waitrose was almost double that of Aldi at £98.49.

One of the biggest differences in pricing was in the extra-large turkey crown, which costs on average £21.99 at Aldi, compared to £56.00 at Waitrose. Other notable differences included sage and onion stuffing mix (49p at Aldi, £2.50 at Waitrose) and a pack of 12 Yorkshire puddings (46p at Aldi, £1.40 at Waitrose).

A Quorn vegetarian roast was under £4 at every supermarket except Waitrose where it cost £16.

The second cheapest supermarket was Tesco, where the full cost of a Christmas dinner was calculated at £58.09. Tesco’s Brussels sprouts were amongst the cheapest available at any UK supermarket at just £0.95.

Asda was only slightly more expensive than Tesco at £58.67, while the cost for the same items at Sainsbury’s was worth just a few pennies more still at £58.85.

The cost of a Christmas dinner at Morrisons was slightly on the steeper side at £64.08 – only Waitrose was more expensive.