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Work from Rome? The cheapest capital cities for ‘digital nomads’ in Europe

Work from Rome? The cheapest capital cities for ‘digital nomads’ in Europe
Matt Browning
Written By:
Matt Browning

The cheapest capital cities in Europe to live in for employees who want to work abroad has been revealed.

Employees who can work from anywhere with their laptop – known as ‘digital nomads’ – ought to consider a switch to Bucharest if they fancy a bargain.

The Romanian capital was the least expensive in the continent to work from, according to European challenger bank Bunq.

Expats wanting to head to Bucharest can expect to pay an average of €417 (£363) per month for rent, with public transport and utilities taking that figure up to €936 (£810) – three times less than in London.

Monthly expenditure in the UK capital city costs a whopping €3,258 (£2,833) on average per month.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, paying for travel around the centre of London is the highest across Europe. A monthly ticket for zones one and two costs £156 (€180), compared to just €49 euros (£42) for an equivalent ticket in Berlin. Getting around the centre of the German city costs the same as the EU average of €49 euros (£42).

The average price to rent a co-working space across Europe is around €244 (£212) a month, with Copenhagen and Dublin costing the most in the EU – both priced at around €317 (276).

Bunq’s research added up the cost of renting an apartment with one bedroom, public transport, co-working space, electricity and internet in the 27 capital cities in the European Union – plus the UK.

Dublin the priciest place to share a working space in Europe

Other options for ‘digital nomads’ could be Budapest and Athens, the second and third cheapest capitals in Europe respectively.

Workers wishing to enjoy sunnier climes in Greece can expect to pay around €1,191 (£1,036) per month, while those wishing to move to Hungary will spend around €100 (£87) less.

The places topping the list of the most expensive to work are Dublin, Luxembourg City and Copenhagen – to live in and share a working space from the capital of Ireland will cost an eye-watering €2,908 (£2,532) per month.

Ali Niknam, founder of Bunq, said: “Digital nomads live a borderless lifestyle, that’s why we offer them a bank that travels with them and lets them bank like a local, everywhere they go.”