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One electric car registered every 60 seconds as UK car sales surge in July

Nick Cheek
Written By:
Nick Cheek

An electric car was registered in July every 60 seconds, according to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Overall, there has been an 87.9% rise in the number of new electrical vehicles being delivered to drivers in the last year.

The sales for more eco-friendly modes of transport are part of a wider increase in the market, which saw a 28.3% surge in car purchases in July alone. During that month, 143,921 new vehicles were registered to the UK’s roads.

SMMT’s figures show a full year of growth in the market despite the current cost-of-living crisis.

Battery-powered car sales will continue to boom

The trajectory of electric car sales is set to continue rising, as one is predicted to be purchased every 50 seconds by the end of the year. Market outlook data also shows one electric vehicle will be sold every 40 seconds by December 2024.

Currently, hybrid and battery vehicles make up a third (35%) of cars registered in the UK.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “The industry remains committed to meeting the UK’s zero emission deadlines and continues to make the investments to get us there.

‘Government needs to make electric cars affordable’

He added: “Choice and innovation in the market are growing, so it’s encouraging to see more people switching on to the benefits of driving electric.

“With inflation, rising costs of living and a zero emission vehicle mandate that will dictate the market coming next year, however, consumers must be given every possible incentive to buy.

“The Government must pull every lever, therefore, to make buying, running and, especially, charging an electronic vehicle affordable and practical for every driver in every part of the country.”

The growth in popularity of hybrid and battery vehicles has meant the number of registered diesel cars has dropped.

In the year leading up to February 2023, there was a 14% decline in sales of diesel vehicles, with 3,348 sold overall – which was down from the previous total of 3,922.