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Pret A Manger hikes coffee subscription cost

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Coffee chain Pret has increased the price of its monthly coffee subscription due to rising costs.

The Pret coffee subscription has increased from £20 a month to £25 a month for new customers after the initial first month free offer.

For existing customers on the plan, the price rise will come into effect on 16 March.

In an email to customers, it said since the launch of the subscription in September 2020, prices for coffee beans and milk have gone up; the government is due to raise VAT to 20%, and it wants to reward staff “who have carried us through the pandemic”.

It stated: “When the additional £5 comes into effect, about £2 will cover VAT, £1.50 will go towards Pret team pay increases, and another £1.50 will go towards offsetting inflation.”

The Pret coffee subscription includes up to five barista-made coffees a day, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and iced drinks. It is used over a million times each week in the UK.

At the time of its launch, analysts and coffee lovers said the scheme could save customers £400 a year, based on buying one hot drink per day.

It was initially a tactic to win back customers after suffering significant losses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But following the announcement, customers have taken to social media to share their disappointment.

One Twitter user wrote: “Cancelling my Pret subscription £25 a month, no thank you.”

Another posted: “Very sad you are increasing the coffee subscription up to £25 a month. If you can, please pass on to the feedback team that I will be cancelling due to this.”

However, others said it still represented good value. One customer wrote: “The bonus of Pret putting their subscription up to £25 is that I now save £20 a month.”

Pret added: “We believe The Pret Coffee Subscription continues to offer great value. Combined with the rewards you can earn through our loyalty programme Pret Perks, the subscription is our unique way of offering the best value for organic, Barista-made coffees, hot drinks and smoothies to enjoy with our freshly made food.”