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Supermarkets cut fuel prices sparking new petrol price war

Joanna Faith
Written By:
Joanna Faith

It’s a happy new year for drivers as Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are all slashing fuel prices this week.

The three supermarkets are cutting the cost of petrol and diesel following decreases in the wholesale price.

Asda was first to announce it was cutting up to 1p per litre off unleaded and 2p per litre off diesel, effective from Tuesday.

The retailer’s new prices mean drivers will pay no more than 113.7p per litre on unleaded and 123.7p per litre on diesel.

Sainsbury’s was next announcing the same reductions but from Wednesday.

Morrisons then said it was cutting the cost of diesel by up to 2p per litre and unleaded by up to 1p per litre from Tuesday.

RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: “Drivers badly need the supermarkets to start competing on price again as the so-called price war has been ‘cold’ since the middle of October.”

How to cut the cost of petrol

  • Do your research. PetrolPrices.com lets you search for the cheapest fuel prices in your area.
  • Head to supermarkets for the best deals.  “The age old myth of supermarket fuel being lower quality is not true, they all have to hit a very high standard to be sold in the UK so it will not damage the car, and they are often a few pence per litre cheaper,” says a spokesperson from PetrolPrices.com.
  • Avoid motorway service stations as they can charge up to 15p per litre more.
  • Try not to accelerate or brake sharply as this consumes more fuel.