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Tesco apologises after thousands of online orders cancelled

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Tesco has apologised to customers who had their grocery orders cancelled yesterday after a technical issue.

The supermarket giant said it has resolved the “intermittent technical issue” that saw thousands of grocery orders cancelled yesterday.

Many customers took to social media to share their anger and disappointment over cancelled orders, often at the last minute or after the expected slot delivery.

One Twitter user posted: “Hey Tesco, what bad service to just cancel my delivery order for today tell me to reschedule when your system messed up, and have no delivery slots till Friday. You have really let your customers down, and taken no responsibility for it, when your system screwed up”.

Another wrote: “How is it acceptable to cancel my home delivery order 10 mins after it was due to be delivered? No explanation, no offer of any compensation by way of an apology. Outrageous!”

‘Goodbye Tesco’

This customer tweeted: “Goodbye Tesco. When you cancel an order a few minutes before you’re due to deliver – with absolutely no explanation – expect to lose customers. I won’t be shopping with you again and I will be spreading the word to my friends and family about your appalling customer service.

Meanwhile, another posted on behalf of his mother: “Would Tesco like to explain why my 85-year-old vulnerable mother has just had her delivery cancelled? What back-up plan have you for customers like this?”

YourMoney.com understands deliveries are going ahead as normal today, while affected customers are reporting that refunds will take between three and five days to be processed.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have resolved an intermittent technical issue that resulted in some cancelled orders yesterday. We’re sorry to customers who were affected.”