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Brits spend £4.2bn a year on car maintenance

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

UK drivers collectively spend £4.2bn a year on car maintenance such as servicing and MOTs, a study reveals.

MoneySuperMarket found the average driver spends £185 each year, with those in the East Midlands spending the most on maintenance (£211) and Londoners shelling out the least (£148).

According to the survey, only one in ten Brits (11%) feels very confident maintaining their car. Nearly half (45%) do not feel confident changing a tyre – equivalent to 10.2 million drivers – while over half (54%) lack confidence changing their lights and over a third (38%) lack confidence changing their windscreen wipers.

BMW owners are the most car proud with 38% cleaning their cars at least once a week. They are closely followed by Audi (35%) and Mercedes (24%) owners.

At the other end of the spectrum, Renault and Vauxhall drivers are the most likely to leave cleaning their car for longer than 10 weeks (37%) followed by Ford (32%) and Kia drivers (31%).

BMW owners spend the most on getting their cars cleaned at £19.60 per month and they are the most assured – along with Toyota drivers – when it comes to car maintenance skills.

Kate Devine, car insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Owning a car is hugely liberating but it can be very expensive. We all know about the upfront costs such as the car itself and insurance, but we often forget how much we spend on keeping our cars road worthy and forecourt clean.”

From this month, MoneySuperMarket will give new car insurance customers up to £150 in money-off vouchers that can be put towards the cost of car maintenance.