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New low-cost online trading platform launches in UK

Kit Klarenberg
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Kit Klarenberg

DEGIRO, a securities broker based in the Netherlands, is to launch its low-cost online trading platform in the UK.

Retail investors in the UK will be able to trade a broad range of financial products at the same cost enjoyed by institutional investors. The fully regulated platform covers stocks, futures, options, investment funds, ETFs, rights, bonds, leveraged products and CFDs.

The company claims fees are around 84 per cent cheaper than its competitors.

The tariff for trading UK shares is £1.75, plus 0.004pc. This would mean a £10,000 trade would be priced at £2.15. The platform can also be used to purchase US shares, for a commission of less than £1.

DEGIRO was founded in 2008 as an exclusive offering for Dutch institutional investors and the service was extended to the retail market 18 months ago.

“The discrepancy in market access between retail and institutional investors is completely unnecessary and nothing short of a scandal,” said Gijs Nagel, director of DEGIRO.

“It is our mission to rectify this. We don’t see our fees as particularly low – rather, our competitors’ are too high. Our execution prices will only fall, too – eventually, order execution will become a free service. Many of the current players in this industry will not be able, or willing, to accept to this new reality and find themselves in trouble.

“We’re excited to be launching in Europe’s financial heart and we look forward to liberating UK investors from the unfair and unnecessary hidden costs that have plagued them for so long.”