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Renewable energy ‘gift vouchers’ launched

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Gift givers can present green-leaning loved ones with ‘debentures’ in a wind farm through Abundance Generation.

These debentures can be given in amounts as small as £5 via the FSA-regulated community finance platform, that makes it easy and to invest in renewable energy projects chosen from those listed on their website www.abundancegeneration.com.

Abundance Generation allows investors to ‘gift’ a debenture (the financial product that secures the share in the profits made) either directly to another adult, or designate the debenture to children and grandchildren, with the investment becoming formally theirs at age 18.

The investment is expected to generate average annual returns of up to 8%, paid in cash twice a year, from generating green, renewable energy over the 20 year life of the project.

The community wind farm available this year was erected at the Great Dunkilns Farm in the Forest of Dean.

Bruce Davis, cofounder and joint MD of Abundance Generation said:

“Given Father Christmas used to wear green until CocaCola convinced us all otherwise, this seems a very appropriate new present to make available.

“More seriously, it is a great idea for anyone you know who is committed to ‘going green’ and doing their bit to help combat global warming.

“For children and grandchildren, with the ability they will have to monitor the wind turbine and the energy and profits it is producing through our revolutionary website, what a great way to learn about investing as well as green energy production. And whoever you treat with this new idea, how cool is it that it will still be paying them an average of 8% return for another 20 years?”