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Three ways to invest in an ISA and earn cashback

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If you are looking to make a last-minute investment into an ISA, here are three ways to get cashback in the process.

With only two days to go until the end of the tax year, the final countdown is on to use your £20,000 ISA allowance.

The good news is that cashback website Quidco is offering savers the opportunity to invest in an ISA and receive cashback via a range of deals. Here are three options:

Scottish Friendly Money Builder Select ISA

For those who are willing to invest £1,000 or more each month in this stocks and shares ISA, Quidco is offering £300 cashback. Investors in this ISA will gain access to one underlying investment strategy – Scottish Friendly’s Unitised With-Profits fund, which invests in stocks, shares, equities, bonds and property. This type of fund offers investors ‘smoothing’ to reduce the impact of market falls, providing annual bonuses and a final bonus.

There are also deals available for those who wish to invest smaller sums each month. Those who are able to save between £100 and £999.99 per month will receive £210 back, while investors who commit between £20 and £39.99 per month will receive £65 cashback. In addition, a £10 to £19.99 monthly commitment receives £42 cashback.

Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA

This ISA also provides investors with access to a with-profits fund, which invests in shares, property, bonds and deposits. It also aims to provide annual bonuses as well as a final bonus. Those willing to invest each month could receive the following deals via Quidco:

– £1,000 plus per month – £260 cashback

– £500 to £999.99 per month – £205 cashback

– £100 to £499.99 per month – £185 cashback

– £30 to £99.99 per month – £68 cashback

OneFamily Junior ISA

This Junior ISA invests in stocks and shares. It provides parents with two underlying fund choices: the Family Balanced International fund, which invests in shares and bonds, and the Family Charities Ethical Trust fund, which targets companies that are working towards environmental sustainability.

Those looking to invest £10 per month into this Junior ISA will receive £40 cashback via the Quidco website.