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Mortgage fees up 27% since 2009

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The average mortgage fee has risen by 27% in the last three years, research has shown.

According to financial information firm Moneyfacts, between March 2009 and today the average mortgage fee rose from £1,181 to £1,302, an increase of £321.

A spokesman for Nationwide said that fees on the mortgages they offered had in general not risen: “I think overall we believe our product fees are lower than they were three years ago.”

Ian Gray, mortgage manager at Largemortgageloans.com added: “The analysis reflects a wide variety of fees, some large and some based on a percentage of the loan. The average is skewed by percentage fees.”

Gray said that a good way to get deals is to open a bank account with the lender.

“What I have been seeing very recently is that people are getting much lower fees if they get a bank account with the lender.”

Other lenders, NatWest and Northern Rock also said that typical arrangement fees have remained below the £1,000 mark.

Moneyfacts also found an 80% rise in the number of residential mortgages, from 1,452 in 2009 to 2,612 today.

The number of 90% LTV mortgages more than tripled while the number of 85% LTV mortgages was two and a half times what it had been in 2009.

Fees: the worst offenders

1. PMS – completion rates of up to £3,800

2. Pink Home Loans – arrangement fees of up to £2,995

3. Precise Mortgages – arrangement fees up to £1,995

4. Halifax – arrangement fees of £1495 plus completion fees of £245

5. Lloyds TSB Scotland – arrangement fees £1495 plus booking £99 Figures based on variable rate mortgage data compiled by Moneyfacts