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Quarter of buyers who moved during the pandemic regret their decision

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

Homeowners flocked from cities at the height of the pandemic, but a quarter who moved now regret their decision.

Just over one in 10 said they rushed the decision and 15% said they are not happy and considering moving again, according to a survey by online broker Trussle.

Almost one in five said they are happy, but it is taking longer to adjust than they had thought.

The broker found almost a quarter of homeowners are now considering remortgaging to improve their home, double the number two years ago.

Borrowers in London are most likely to want to upgrade, according to the survey.

Amanda Aumonier, head of mortgage operations at Trussle, said: “We are facing a key point in time for the housing market.

“There is no doubt that Covid-19 shifted homeowner priorities, and with the return to the office and normal life very much underway, it is understandable that many people are feeling unsure of their decisions.

“However, it is vital homeowners consider the wider picture at this time, taking into account the cost-of-living crisis, interest rate rises and the soaring house prices.”