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Squares and Gardens are home to Britain’s priciest properties

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Britain’s most expensive homes are found in squares where average properties are valued at half a million pounds, research reveals.

Estate agent Nested analysed all their nationwide home sales over the past two years to uncover the impact street names have on property prices.

It found the average home in a square is worth £505,000.

Gardens took second place with homes worth £420,000 on average, while Warrens came in third at £409,000.

Squares secured the top spot following a string of multi-million-pound property sales, the estate agent said.

These included a £7m flat on Queen Street, Mayfair, a £3m terrace in St. James’ Square, Bath and a £2m home in St. Mary’s Square, Bury St. Edmunds.

At the other end of the scale Courts are where you’ll find the cheapest pads, at £234,000 followed by Nooks (£234,000) and Views (£251,000).

Ben Bailey, of Nested, said: “Our latest analysis shows that it pays to be square, as that’s where you’ll find the nation’s most expensive homes – with an average price of over half a million pounds.

“Big sales in London, Bath and Bury St. Edmunds powered Square to the top spot.

“But if you really want to bag a bargain it’s worth looking at the other end of the scale where addresses that contain the word Court are often home to the least valuable properties.”

Highest Value Streets By Name

Rank Name Average Home Value
1. Square £505,00
2. Gardens £420,000
3. Warren £409,000
4. Walk £405,000
5. Queen £388,000
6. Hill £382,000
7. Lane £375,000
8. End £366,000
9. Place £365,000
10. Path £360,000
11. Park £357,000
12. Chase £351,000
13. Royal £347,000
14. Paddock £346,000
15. Pastures £339,000
16. Rise £326,000
17. Road £320,000
18. Green £317,000
18. Grove £317,000
20. Way £315,000


Least Value Streets By Name

Rank Name Average Home Value
1. Court £232,000
2. Nook £234,000
3. View £251,000
4. Parade £258,000
5. Lawns £269,000
6. Terrace £275,000
7. Drive £283,000
8. Street £284,000
9. Meadows £285,000
10. Elizabeth £286,000