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Kerbside charging costs surge for electric cars

Kerbside charging costs surge for electric cars
Christina Hoghton
Written By:
Christina Hoghton

Kerbside charging has seen the biggest surge in prices, hitting electric vehicle users without off-street parking the hardest.

A report from the AA has shown a significant rise in peak-time slow-charging costs, which are up by 13 p/kWh. These chargepoints are usually kerbside chargers in residential areas.

The October 2023 AA EV Recharge Report recorded rises across other types of chargepoints too, including the cost of peak and off-peak ultra-rapid charging, which rose by up to 4p/kWh.

The AA added that, despite the rise, ultra-rapid charging off-peak still works out cheaper than filling a petrol car.

Flat rate chargepoints have seen prices stay the same since August.

No driveway means extra costs

Some operators have hiked prices to those without a driveway to help manage autumn and winter grid demand in local communities, according to the report.

It noted that price fluctuations are now beginning to reflect seasonal demand, as the electric vehicle market grows.

But drivers without dedicated off-street parking “will feel unfairly targeted with the hikes to kerbside charging”, according to Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA.

He said: “While chargepoint operators have a strong case regarding their responsibility towards grid management, those used to charging near their home could feel the pinch if they are unable to plug in during off-peak hours.

“Not reducing VAT on public EV charging to 5% in the Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity to eliminate the ‘pavement tax’.”

Motorway charge costs under scrutiny

The increase in recharging costs comes at a time when concerns have already been raised by the Competition and Markets Authority about chargers at motorway service stations.

In an open letter to electric vehicle chargepoint operators and motorway service area site operators, the CMA said that it would monitor charging along motorways and consider taking enforcement action where further action is needed to ‘ensure good outcomes for drivers’.