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Nationwide announces re-brand – and branch promise

Nationwide announces re-brand – and branch promise
Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

The building society claims it has now overtaken major banks to have the largest branch network on high street.

Nationwide has also unveiled new branding, marking its biggest image overhaul since the 1980s. The old logo – of the word Nationwide in a white box with a red line underneath it and a little white house graphic – has been replaced instead by just the word Nationwide with a red house graphic by its side.

Thew new logo forms part of mutual’s efforts to offer “a good way to bank” through “leading service, value and fairness”. Alongside branches, all payment cards and customer communications will be updated with the new brand. ​

The move comes the same day as a promise to keep branches open, with all 605 to be updated with the new branding.

Nationwide currently has 605 branches across the UK. This compares to 598 Lloyds, 485 Natwest, 476 Halifax and 443 Santander branches. The building society claims 90% of customers are only a 15-minute drive from a Nationwide branch.

Nationwide has launched a new advert that sees Dominic West cast as an out-of-touch bank boss. West, who works for the fictional A.N.Y Bank, is determined to introduce cutbacks and branch closures, despite his more astute assistant, played by comedian Sunil Patel, questioning his decisions.

Nationwide has promised not to leave any town or city in which it is based until at least 2026. It first launched the “branch promise” in 2019, before renewing it in 2020; for a second time in June 2022 and then for a third time in June 2023.

However, despite the promise – and Nationwide’s criticism of high street banks for closing branches – the society actually closed 24 locations between May 2022 and April 2023, according to data supplied to LINK, the ATM network.

Nationwide said the promise ensures it is protecting branches and it will only close a branch “when we absolutely need to” such as when a lease expiry is enforced by a landlord.

​Debbie Crosbie, Nationwide Building Society chief executive, said: “Nationwide offers a large-scale alternative to the shareholder-owned banks. As a major challenger, we are committed to offering a good way to bank for our customers through better service, value and fairness. Our rebrand is the most significant in 36 years and ensures we continue to be relevant for the needs of customers today and tomorrow.”​

The building society’s research found that around two thirds (63%) of people value their local branch, with face-to-face service given as the top reason.