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New King Charles III 'counting' coins pay homage to monarch’s love of conservation

New King Charles III 'counting' coins pay homage to monarch’s love of conservation
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The first coins released under the reign of King Charles III pay tribute to the monarch’s love of nature and also aim to help children learn to count.

Eight new designs of the coins – known as ‘definitives’ – will be in circulation towards the end of the year and are available to purchase as part of a commemorative coin set from The Royal Mint.

Every coin from 1p to £2 will have a fresh look and have been approved by his Royal Highness. They will replace the current shield formation introduced under Queen Elizabeth II in 2008.

The designs pay homage to King Charles’ renowned love for conservatism, with engravings of wildlife, fish, insects, plants, and trees – plus the coins will feature the value on the face of each coin too.

This has been introduced to help children see the monetary value more clearly and become more comfortable with money at an early age, according to an interview with the Mint in the BBC.

‘They are great conversation starters’

Rebecca Morgan, director at The Royal Mint said: “The large numbers will be very appealing to children who are learning to count and about the use of money.

“Also the animals and everything you see on these coins will appeal to children. They are great conversation starters.”

Anne Jessopp, chief executive officer of The Royal Mint wrote: “This is a rare and historic moment as the complete set of UK coins change to celebrate a new monarch on the throne. The striking designs have been seen by His Majesty and reflect his commitment to conservation and the natural world, as well as celebrating British craftsmanship.

“The Royal Mint has struck Britain’s coins for 1,100 years and this collection will proudly take its place amongst the designs of monarchs ranging from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. A unique pattern of interlocking C’s adorns each of the new designs. This unifying feature gives a nod to history through the cypher of Charles II while celebrating King Charles III’s commitment to conservation.”