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This week’s best ISA accounts

This week’s best ISA accounts
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Thanks to an increase in its Easy Access Cash ISA, Chorley Building Society has come out on top of this week’s most appealing ISA accounts.

While many savers look to challenger banks for their saving and current accounts, there are plenty of very competitive deals from mutuals and lenders available.

There are changes at the top for the best providers on fixed rate and notice accounts, with Union Bank of India and FirstSave reigning supreme.

Here are the best ISAs in town with all the key factors to consider so you’re making the most of your money, with data from Moneyfacts.

Best easy access ISAs

As mentioned, Chorley Building Society leads the way with its Easy Access Cash ISA (1 Withdrawal) which boasts 5.30% AER and as the title suggests, one penalty-free withdrawal per year. This can be opened in branch, online or by post and requires just £1 to get started.

The other decent deals are:

Ulster Bank is offering a 5.20% AER deal based on a balance of £5,000 or more, with that rate dropping to 2.25% AER with less cash in the account. If you live outside of Northern Ireland, the account can still be opened by the app, phone, post and online. Those living in the country can go in a branch to open the Loyalty Saver account.

Also paying 5.20% AER with a 1% bonus for 12 months, is Coventry Building Society’s Triple Access Saver, which can be opened £1. As the name suggests, there are three penalty-free withdrawals permitted each year.

Cynergy Bank offers 5.15% AER on its Online Easy Access Account (Issue 68) and an introductory bonus for 12 months.

Best fixed rate ISAs

At the top of the tree is Union Bank of India’s fixed rate deposit account with a 6.11% AER interest paid on maturity. This is also offered on its union premier bond deal too.

The next best are:

As well as boasting the top two deals on the market, Union Bank of India sweeps up with the third best due to its 6.05% 18-month bond rate that’s paid on maturity.

Other favourable options are Habib Bank Zurich’s HBZ fixed rate eDeposit deal with 6.03% 12-month bond and JN Bank, which leads the way for three-year fixes, thanks to its 5.97% AER rate, paid on anniversary.

Best notice ISAs

If withdrawing funds from your ISA is an option you want on the table, here are a few top picks to consider.

FirstSave is the leading provider with its 30-Day Notice Account at 5.00% AER, with Dudley Building Society coming on top for 60-day notices, offering up 5.40%.

Also worth considering is the best buy on 90 day’s notice from Harpenden, the mutual offers 5.50% AER yearly and doesn’t allow for earlier access than the 90 days, but you are able to make further additions.