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Warning to EasyJet passengers over expiring travel vouchers

Warning to EasyJet passengers over expiring travel vouchers
Rebecca Goodman
Written By:
Rebecca Goodman

Anyone who was given a voucher by EasyJet after flight cancellations during the pandemic has until January 31st to use it.

There are predicted to be around £58m worth of vouchers which are yet to be redeemed, according to a report from the airline.

Earlier last year, the airline extended the deadline for vouchers to be redeemed, from July 2023 to January 2024.

Passengers with one of these vouchers now have less than 30 days to use them to book another EasyJet flight.

When travel was stopped during the Covid pandemic and flights were grounded, many airlines issued vouchers to customers who had flights booked.

Other airlines, including Jet2 and Tui did the same and the deadlines for redeemed vouchers with these companies have now passed.

Anyone with a voucher for a British Airway flight has until September 30th this year to redeem after it extended the deadline last year. 

Vouchers can’t be used after 31 January

The deadline is not for flights to be re-booked and flights can be booked for any time you choose. 

If the vouchers aren’t used within this time, they will be invalid and they can’t now be exchanged for money although when they were initially issued, this was an option.

At the time, the airline was criticised for refusing to refund unused vouchers and some customers said they were told they were not entitled to cash refunds.

If you’re unsure about the expiry date of an EasyJet voucher, you can enter the reference code and check on its website. 

The Covid pandemic was a rare event but for standard delays and cancellations to flights, customers have certain protections in place. Our guide to your delay and flight cancellation rights explains what you’re entitled to and how to claim compensation.