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60 second news summary: the week’s top stories

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

Our one minute summary of the key trends, facts and figures over the past week.


We’re gearing toward ISA season as the tax year comes to an end on 5 April but if you’re new to ISAs or just need a refresher, our back to basics guide explains all you need to know. For the more seasoned investor, we list 10 tax advantages of saving in an ISA but if they’re not for you perhaps you may want to consider premium bonds instead?


With just two weeks until the Budget, speculation’s mounting about what changes savers can expect when it comes to their pension and retirement. We lead on the Pension ISA after the Treasury hinted at scrapping tax relief in favour of a “top-up” system. Whatever the Budget brings, we highlight why deferring your pension won’t be so attractive from April. Concerns have also arisen that women have half the pensions of men and if you’ve previously opted out of auto-enrolment, you’ll be given another chance to sign up.

The markets and investing

Investors have been given a chance to buy and sell shares in Tottenham Hotspur while it’s not looking good for Sports Direct after it was relegated from the FTSE 100, while Morrisons climbed the ranks after three months in the lower index. We took a look at what’s been better for US markets: Democrats v Republicans and we also question whether the three year rule is appropriate when judging new funds. If your investments are performing well, have a read of our dividend tax guide to find out how the changes will affect you.

Household bills

It should now be cheaper to fly with your kids as the Air Passenger Duty (up to £71 depending on the destination) has been scrapped for under 16s. New research found that a fifth of parents and grandparents fully support their adult children, so if you need some extra income, there’s a new pay as you go home insurance product for Airbnb users. And just a word of warning, you may soon have to shell out for a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer, perhaps another reason why broadcaster ITV is a stock pick of the week.