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Barclays Premier Rewards to close

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

The Barclays Premier Rewards programme is set to close in December, the bank has confirmed.

Barclays Premier customers are typically those who have an annual income of £75,000 or have £100,000 saved or invested with the bank.

These customers are also eligible for the Barclays Premier Rewards programme which currently includes Gourmet Society annual memberships and discounted APH parking.

However, Barclays confirmed that the Premier Rewards scheme is set to close on Tuesday 15 December.

This means existing customers have until then to access and redeem the benefits.

A Barclays spokesperson, said: “We have taken the decision to close our Premier Rewards programme. We have let our customers who are part of the programme know that from 15 December they will therefore no longer be able to redeem the Gourmet Society annual membership or discounted APH parking.”

What about Barclays Blue Rewards?

Barclays current account customers can earn up to £7 each month (£3.50 for the first two direct debits) as long as they pay a £4 a month membership fee and pay in at least £800 each month. This means customers can earn up to £36 a year.

If customers have more products with Barclays such as a mortgage, home insurance, loan or life insurance, they can earn more cashback.

Barclays confirmed there are no changes to the Barclays Blue Rewards scheme.