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This week’s top ISA accounts

This week’s top ISA accounts
Matt Browning
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Matt Browning

Mansfield Building Society and Gatehouse Bank boast the best easy access accounts on the market for the second consecutive week, while the same names continue to dominate the notice ISA charts.

Hanging onto second place is Zopa, despite lowering some rates, it’s still the lender offering the top prices on two and three-year fixed ISAs.

The notice ISA rates remain unchanged at the top of the charts, with Aldermore and the West Brom proving to be the best providers in that field.

In the week where many savings accounts started to beat the rate of inflation, here are the top deals on offer according to Moneyfacts.

Easy Access ISA accounts

Once again, Mansfield Building Society’s Double Access Cash ISA (1st issue) is the best deal for savers. It comes with a price of 5.50% AER, can be opened with a £1 deposit, and two penalty-free withdrawals each year. Any more withdrawals will incur a 90-day loss of interest on the amount taken out.

The Easy Access Cash ISA from Gatehouse Bank offers an expected profit rate of 5.15% AER but the account can only be opened online. There are also no withdrawal limits and you’ll need just £1 to get going.

Metro Bank comes in third place with a 5.11% AER rate when taking into account a 3.46% bonus for a year. The bonus is dependent on £500 being in the account within 28 days of the account being open. Another perk is this deal also comes without restrictions on withdrawals.

Fixed rate bonds

For the second week on the bounce, Virgin Money takes top spot of the one-year fix table thanks to its 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA Exclusive Issue 7. Nothing on the market can beat the 5.85% AER rate, which is open to new and existing customers, as well as savers who had a Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank current account.

Metro Bank is the best around for two and three-year fixed rate bonds, which has prices of 5.49% and 5.16% respectively. However, the Smart ISA account can only be opened and managed using the lender’s mobile app.

A new entry in the top fixed rate market is Melton Building Society with 5% AER on its Fixed Rate Cash ISA. This account requires a visit to the bank and a minimum of £1,000 to commence saving.

Notice ISA accounts

As YourMoney.com has reported in the weekly ISA roundup, the 30 Day Notice Cash ISA Issue 12  from Aldermore is the best notice ISA on the market.

The provider has a rate of 4.50% AER and the account needs a minimum deposit of £1,000.

If you want a longer notice period and a small deposit amount, West Brom Building Society has the WeBSave 60 Day Notice ISA which pays 5.25% AER per month or year, with just £1 needed to open the account.