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Royal Mint launches Elton John coins

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

The Royal Mint has launched a series of coins celebrating British music icon, Elton John.

The coins are part of its music legends collection in celebration of the UK artists who “helped shape our love of music”.

They’re available in £5 limited edition uncirculated coins and cost £13 – £15.

Alternatively, buyers can choose quarter ounce, one ounce and two ounce silver and gold coins ranging in price from £95 to £4,555.

Other coins in the collection include £1, £2, £25 and £100 editions as well as a kilo gold proof coin costing £68,865.

The artist, Bradley Morgan Johnson said first he had to come up with a way to represent the music legend without actually showing him, “as tradition dictates that the portrait of a living person – apart from the reigning monarch and members of the royal family – should not appear on a coin”.

Instead, he used musical notes to create an image of glasses and a straw boater’s hat, inspired by one of Elton John’s most iconic looks, and a Union flag background which is “unmistakably Elton John”, he said.