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Six apps that make saving easier

Monique Craig
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Monique Craig

It is always good to have a few tools which can help you save some money.

Here are some examples of free apps, ranging from shopping and travelling to home budget management, which may help control your expenses on everyday basis.


With Splitwise you can share the bills with your roommates, manage money you owe and are owed, see what you spend your cash on and view your financial history using your smartphone. It also allows you to set different alarms and reminders about when the bills are due. This app can be helpful for house budget management, especially when sharing a flat with others. Apart from that, its user-friendly interface lets immediately see all the expense categories in one screen.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web


Goodbudget provides an envelope budgeting method service free of charge and without unnecessary advertisements. Users can plan their spending in advance using a set of envelopes and track their expenses, arrange recurring payments and view their bank account balance. The app allows synchronising more than two devices at once to facilitate simultaneous work by many people. There is also a paid version for subscribers, which allows to use up to five synced devices and many bank accounts at the same time, as well as provides five-year transaction history. It also grants unlimited envelopes for both current and yearly expenses.

Platforms: iOS, Android, web


Mint is one of the most popular secure budget-controlling apps, with over five million users. Manage your accounts, follow expenditures, organise them by categories, analyse financial data, set budget goals, export charts to Excel and much more. This application has won a lot of awards and helped its users collectively save much money.

Platforms: iOS, Android, web


This popular app offers great bargains with big discounts reaching 90%. Whether it is a spa session, a movie ticket or an all-inclusive package tour – it is all there within your reach. Just choose the city and product category to browse through the deals. Also, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will have all special offers delivered every day directly to your e-mail. It is worth visiting the site on a regular basis.

Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, web


Why overpay for flights when it is possible get amazing deals in one click? Charters, regular flights and low-cost airlines – it’s all there. Undecided users don’t even have to select their destination, as the app allows you to look for flights to everywhere. That comes pretty handy when someone is looking for a quick weekend getaway and price is more important than place. Apart from that, you can also rent a car or book a hotel and compare prices with other services – all to find the best holiday offer.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, web


This famous app is much hated by all taxi drivers. Uber helps to quickly arrange a lift and travel much cheaper than by a traditional taxi. You do not even need to pay in cash. The app allows you to pay automatically with a credit card linked to your account. It is also possible to register as a driver and earn money giving rides. In the days of skyrocketing fuel costs – this app can significantly repair any budget. So far, Uber works in 42 countries. In the UK, it is available in London.

Platforms: iOs, Android, Windows Phone, web

Monique Craig is a tech blogger and marketing specialist, who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace, which connects customers with local service providers.