BlackRock says savers need to start sooner

Global asset management group BlackRock has launched a new ‘plan for income’, saying that the next generation will need to be less reliant on cash and the value held in their properties to plan their financies successfully.

Investments | 15 Oct 2014

Funding life goals can top £1m

The average cost of funding typical life goals including getting married, buying a home, having children and retirement is £877,000, finds the Lloyds Bank Family Savings report.

Savings | 15 Oct 2014
Danny Alexander

Pension reforms not done in a ‘big rush', says Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, has hit back at claims the government is pushing through its wide-ranging pension reforms "in a big rush" ahead of next year's general election.

Retirement | 15 Oct 2014

Adviser who stole from client's pension ordered to pay back £250k

An adviser who stole more than £200,000 from a client's pension has now been ordered to pay it back, plus interest, as well as serve three years in prison.

Retirement | 14 Oct 2014

Treasury to reveal 'pension bank account' changes

The Treasury is to give savers more freedom on how they can take their tax-free lump sums from pension pots, with new rules allowing savers to take a portion of their pension out at any time.

Retirement | 14 Oct 2014

Old Mutual Wealth scraps drawdown fee and minimum investment charge

Old Mutual Wealth is removing the annual pension drawdown fee and scrapping the current minimum charge on its platform in order to simplify its charging structure.

Investments | 09 Oct 2014

Scottish Widows launches dedicated post-Budget pensions options site

Scottish Widows has launched a website dedicated to helping people understand their retirement options post-April 2015 in light of the Budget changes.

Retirement | 09 Oct 2014

Majority of over-65s have made no plans for care costs

More than 90 per cent of over-65s have made no plans to pay for long-term care should they need it.

Retirement | 08 Oct 2014

BLOG: Pensions 2022 - what does the future hold?

Morten Nilsson, CEO of NOW ponders the shape of the pensions industry a decade from now.

Retirement | 07 Oct 2014

TPAS plans to intervene on 'Lamborghini' pensioners

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is planning to target savers who have indicated they plan to make full use of the pension freedoms outlined at Budget 2014, to warn them of the dangers of doing so.

Retirement | 06 Oct 2014

Webb to ‘watch industry like a hawk’ post-Budget

Pensions minister Steve Webb has warned he will keep a sharp eye on the pensions industry following the announcement of the Budget freedoms in March.

Pensions | 06 Oct 2014

Auto-enrolment savers want employers to ‘offer full financial advice’

A third of employees think firms which offer a pension scheme should also offer access to full financial advice in the workplace, research from Scottish Widows suggests.

Retirement | 03 Oct 2014

BLOG: How the end of the 'death tax' will affect you

Lauren Peters of Tideway Wealth gives her view on George Osborne’s announced plans to scrap the much hated 55 per cent ‘death tax’ on pensions - and who stands to benefit.

Retirement | 03 Oct 2014
Two pensioners

The top five uses for a lifetime mortgage

Ever wondered what a lifetime mortgage is for? Alice Watson of Stonehaven lets us in on how their customers are using the cash released from their homes.

Mortgages | 02 Oct 2014

Five money chats you must have with your partner

As research from Prudential shows that Brits are a duplicitous lot about money, we ask what you should know about your partner's spending habits.

Life Insurance | 01 Oct 2014

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