Two pensioners

The top five uses for a lifetime mortgage

Ever wondered what a lifetime mortgage is for? Alice Watson of Stonehaven lets us in on how their customers are using the cash released from their homes.

Mortgages | 02 Oct 2014

Five money chats you must have with your partner

As research from Prudential shows that Brits are a duplicitous lot about money, we ask what you should know about your partner's spending habits.

Life Insurance | 01 Oct 2014

Move along Mum: One in 10 expect inheritance money to prop up old age

People are not just relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad while they are alive, but also after they are gone, according to new research.

Savings | 30 Sep 2014

One in eight over-50s targeted by liberation fraudsters

One in eight people aged over 50 has been approached by fraudsters offering early access to their pension pot, according to research from Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

Retirement | 29 Sep 2014

Death tax reforms welcomed by pensions providers

The latest pension reforms have been greeted with enthusiasm by pension providers, but may represent another blow for annuities.

Investments | 29 Sep 2014

BLOG: It's time to get real about retirement

It's worrying that even now, when pensions are more topical than ever, people seem to be unclear on how much they can expect to live off in retirement, says David Macmillan of Aegon UK.

Retirement | 29 Sep 2014

Auto enrolment figures reveal generational divide

Just one in 20 workers under 30 are opting out of pensions savings, according to data released today, compared to one in four workers over 60.

Retirement | 29 Sep 2014

Investing for your Sipp: Where to start

It's tempting to treat your Sipp as in the same way as all your other investments - a punt on technology here, a ‘safe as houses' blue-chip there.

Retirement | 26 Sep 2014

Retirees underestimating basic living costs, finds survey

Many people are likely to see an income shortfall in retirement and are unlikely to have any money left over for luxuries, according to new research from Partnership.

Pensions | 25 Sep 2014

Less than a third expect to benefit from new pension rules

Six months after George Osborne overhauled the UK pension system, just 29 per cent of UK adults think the new system will benefit them financially.

Pensions | 24 Sep 2014

The perils of emotional financial planning

Planning your financial future with your heart rather than your head can have a major impact on your long-term wealth.

Investments | 23 Sep 2014

BLOG: If an annuity were a home, a castle might become a prison

Ian Sayers, director general of the Association of Investment Companies, finds that it is the 'once and for all' element of an annuity purchase that deters many investors.

Retirement | 23 Sep 2014

Think-tank pressures Labour to reverse retirement freedoms

Labour should reverse the pension freedoms announced in the Budget 2014 if it wins the general election in May, a leftist think-tank has said.

Pensions | 23 Sep 2014

Calls for end to automatic annuity purchases

Pensions campaigner Ros Altmann is leading calls for a ban on automatic annuity purchases.

Retirement | 22 Sep 2014

Over-55s to splurge £3bn pension cash on ‘cars and kitchens’

The Chancellor’s pension reforms will see over-55s take out a total of about £5bn from their pension pots after the rules change in April next year, an actuarial firm predicts.

Pensions | 15 Sep 2014

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