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British Gas customers bag energy-efficient offer as National Grid halts winter deal

British Gas customers bag energy-efficient offer as National Grid halts winter deal
Matt Browning
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Matt Browning

British Gas customers can save money on bills by using electricity at more energy-efficient periods as part of a new offer.

The ‘PeakSave Green Flex’ allows you up to half price for electricity used in two-hour bursts when it is particularly sunny or windy.

This summer offer allows you to use your electricity when there’s likely to be much more renewable energy around than normal.

Customers who opt in for the deal need to:

  1. Be a British Gas customer
  2. Have a smart electricity meter
  3. Sign up for PeakSave on the British Gas website


As part of the deal, British Gas will email you the day before or the morning of ‘the event’ when the firm decides the best time for renewable energy is. Once you receive the email, you then need to opt in to take part.

The energy company suggests customers make the most of any electricity-sapping chores like using the washing machine or dishwasher during that period of half-price power.

British Gas has paid over £11m to over 600,000 customers taking part in the scheme. Customers have saved 326 tonnes of carbon emissions and shifted 11,799MWh of electricity to Sundays.

National Grid removes winter discount

However, the Energy Systems Operator (ESO) confirmed it will not use the Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) this winter, following an early review.

The national grid will therefore not implement the energy-saving scheme after it returned in November last year.

A collection of energy providers were on board and, on average, households could save around £100 on their energy bills through the idea.

The decision was reached as the requirement for DFS to be used as a winter contingency service has been reduced.

It said it will instead “evolve the service and expand its capability to further support high-demand periods on the system all year round”.

‘Only right we look at the future’

Kayte O’Neill, chief operating officer at the ESO, said: “The Demand Flexibility Service has been a national first in empowering households and businesses to embrace energy flexibility and to be rewarded in the process. As we transition away from requiring DFS as a winter contingency service, it is only right that we look to the future of what this service can deliver.

“We look forward to working closely with industry over the coming months to deliver a service that makes flexibility part of everyday life and that can unlock the benefits for participating consumers and society at large.”