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Clegg warns Cameron: No new coalition without tax hikes for middle classes

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The Liberal Democrats have told David Cameron they will refuse to form a coalition with the Conservatives unless he commits to tax hikes for the middle classes, Nick Clegg has said.

Clegg set out a series of “red lines” that would prevent the two parties forming a Coalition in future as he attacked Cameron’s pledge to offer tax cuts to middle class Britons, the Telegraph reports.

He also said that his party would not form a coalition with the Tories unless Cameron abandoned his “legally illiterate” plans to allow UK judges to ignore European human rights rulings.

It came as Clegg prompted fury from the Conservatives after he signalled he could be prepared to block the Prime Minister’s plans for a military intervention in Syria.

Clegg faced criticism from senior Conservatives and figures in his own party after he said that he “would not advocate” air strikes in Syria despite his support for America’s bombing campaign in the country.

The intensifying row between the Lib Dems and Conservatives over tax, human rights and Syria looks set to overshadow the final months before the general election in May next year.

However, Norman Lamb, one of Clegg’s key allies, suggested that it would be far more likely that the Lib Dems form another alliance with the Conservatives than Labour.