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How to watch Premier League matches for free

Emma Lunn
Written By:
Emma Lunn

Football’s back – and sports fans can watch 33 of the remaining 92 games without paying a penny.

The Premier League kicks off again this week after a break due to the coronavirus. Although most Premier League matches are on Sky Sports, a third of games yet to be played can be watched without an expensive pay-TV subscription.

Typically, Premier League action is only available on paid-for channels. Normally only certain games can be broadcast because of rules that prevent football being televised live between 2.45pm and 5.15pm on a Saturday in the UK.

But the Saturday blackout rule is being temporarily lifted because matches have to be played in empty stadiums due to social distancing. This means all the remaining Premier League matches will be on TV.

So far the fixture schedule has only been released for up until Thursday 2 July.

MoneySavingExpert.com has researched how you can watch some of the games for free.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is showing four free Premier League games. These matches are free-to-air so you won’t need Amazon Prime membership to watch them.

There’s only one match scheduled on Amazon Prime so far:

  • Crystal Palace vs Burnley on Monday 29 June at 8pm


The BBC is broadcasting four free Premier League games and four FA Cup games, including the final). These will be shown live on the BBC.

The matches we know about so far are:

  • AFC Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace on  Saturday 20 June at 7.45pm
  • Norwich City vs Everton on Wednesday 24 June at 6pm
  • Norwich City vs Manchester United FA Cup Quarter Final on Saturday 27 June at 5.15pm
  • Newcastle United vs Manchester City FA Cup Quarter Final on Sunday 28 June at 6pm

Sky Sports Pick

Sky is showing 25 free Premier League games on its free Sky’s Pick channel, available on Freeview.

The matches scheduled so far are:

  • Norwich City vs Southampton on Friday 19 June at 6pm
  • Newcastle United vs Sheffield United on Sunday 21 June at 2pm
  • Everton vs Liverpool on Sunday 21 June at 7pm
  • Manchester United vs Sheffield United on Wednesday 24 June at 6pm
  • Burnley vs Watford on Thursday 25 June at 6pm
  • Watford vs Southampton on Sunday 28 June at 4.30pm
  • Brighton vs Manchester United on Tuesday 30 June at 8.15pm
  • Bournemouth AFC vs Newcastle United on Wednesday 1 July at 6pm

How to watch the remaining 59 games

Sky Sports is showing a further 39 Premier League games but you’ll need a Sky Sports subscription to watch them.

BT Sport  is screening 20 paid-for Premier League games – these will only be available to BT Sport customers.

If you haven’t signed up for a sports package, the good news is that pay-TV providers have been embroiled in a price war with both Sky and BT Sport reducing package prices.

Sky has said it will “un-pause” Sky Sports subscriptions placed on hold due to coronavirus from 19 June.

Police have warned football fans to only use legitimate sources to watch the Premier League.

Streaming or watching unauthorised content without the right permissions or subscriptions is illegal, whether you’re watching through the internet or using a set-top box.

Three people were jailed last year for a total of 17 years for defrauding the Premier League by providing illegal access to matches to more than 1,000 pubs, clubs, and homes throughout England and Wales.

Detective chief inspector Nick Court, head of the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit, says: “Not only is it illegal to stream matches without paying for them, but it’s also unreliable and risky. You never know what malware is in the stream you are using and what damage it is doing to your device. Furthermore, law enforcement agencies and legitimate providers can shut illegal sites down during the match, often at a crucial point, to dissuade people from using these sites in the future.”