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Prepayment energy customers have only one month to claim £400 support

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

Energy customers with a prepayment meter have until 30 June to claim £130m in Government support.

They are being urged today, by the Government and other consumer groups, to claim this money before the deadline when the vouchers will expire.

Each household can claim £400 to help with their energy bills, and this is paid through vouchers for those with a traditional prepayment meter.

But figures show that 83% of households have redeemed their vouchers, claiming £650m, leaving 17% still to claim.

The groups involved are naming today, Claim Your Energy Voucher Day, in an effort to persuade the remaining households left to claim this money.

How does the scheme work?

The money is being paid out through the Government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme to help households with rising bills

The scheme paid out tranches of £66 to households over the six months to March 2023. Households with a prepayment meter were sent vouchers by their energy providers by email, text or post. These are valid for 90 days, but customers can contact their energy supplier to ask for a voucher to be reissued if this date has passed.

Once they receive a voucher, they then need to redeem it at a Post Office or Pay Point. Customers who pay their energy via direct debit had the £400 discount automatically applied to their bills.

Tell friends and family about the scheme

Minister for energy consumers and affordability, Amanda Solloway, said: “Today we are redoubling our efforts to reach anyone who still hasn’t claimed this help, and it’s fantastic to see so many join our final push to spread the word.

“Tell friends and family or anyone on a traditional prepayment meter to use their vouchers for up to £400 off bills before 30 June – there is still £130 million out there to claim.”

Emily Seymour, Which? energy editor, said: “It’s positive that over 80% of Energy Bills Support Scheme vouchers for traditional prepayment meter customers – who are often on lower incomes – have now been redeemed.

“However, there are still lots of households that will be missing out on much-needed financial support. We’d strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t yet redeemed their vouchers to do so before 30 June, so they don’t miss out on extra help unnecessarily.

Households with prepayment meters who use alternative fuels such as LPG, heating oil, or biomass also have until 30 June to use their vouchers worth up to £200 in energy bills support. These will have been sent in the post.