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Waitrose to lower prices of 250 products

Nick Cheek
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Nick Cheek

Customers are to receive a welcome boost this autumn as the prices of 250 products are to be lowered at a major supermarket chain.

Waitrose are to reduce the prices of 250 items including everyday foods like pasta, whole chickens, sausages and potatoes.

Its own brand penne pasta will see a price reduction of 21% with the cost being brought down from 95p to 75p.

A 2kg bag of Maris Piper potatoes will also be reduced by 21% falling down to £1.65 from £2.10.

Frozen Yorkshire puddings will be marked down by 18%  to £1.40.

The latest move follows Waitrose’s round of summer price reductions, where 200 items were reduced half of which were 10% cheaper.

Also the supermarket is offering weekly discounts according to customers shop.

Its Waitrose loyalty programme issues hundreds of thousands of vouchers every week, helping customers save money.

Last year over £100m in personalised money-off rewards was issued.

A free hot drink is available every day every time  a customer makes a purchase and brings their own cup.

Meal deals have also been launched this year, including its first lunchtime meal deal and steak and pizza offer, handing customers more ways to maximise the value shopping at Waitrose.

So far meal deal sales have tripled  this year.

Every Saturday there is 20% off selected meat at their counters, and every Friday there is a further 20% off selected fish products.

Further benefits include free copies of Waitrose Food and Waitrose Drinks magazines, and there are discounts on dry cleaning.

Good value a priority for Waitrose

Charlotte Di Cello, commercial director for Waitrose, said: “Giving our customers good value for money is a priority and we continue to work hard to keep our prices low, whilst maintaining our quality and supporting our fantastic farmers.

“We’ll continue to deliver our market-leading quality, using our outdoor-bred pork, responsibly sourced fish, higher-welfare chicken and LEAF marquee-certified British fruit and veg. The only thing that’s changing is the price, so customers can enjoy great value with no compromise.

“As well as lowering the prices of hundreds of products, we’re also passing on additional savings to our customers when the prices we pay fall due to food inflation dropping. We’ve already lowered the prices of dairy products, household goods like toilet paper, and canned vegetables as a result of inflation falling on those items.”