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How to check if you qualify for Warm Home Discount worth £150

How to check if you qualify for Warm Home Discount worth £150
Matt Browning
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Matt Browning

Over three million homes will receive a £150 energy bill discount and the Government is urging those on low income to check if they qualify.

The Warm Home Discount has run since 2011 and aims to help households most at risk of fuel poverty and the majority of the eligible recipients will get the concession automatically.

But many homes in England and Wales who’ve been sent a letter from the Government still need to confirm their details to receive the one-off energy bill rebate.

If you receive the letter, you can contact the ‘Warm Home Discount’ Helpline on 0800 030 9322 and confirm your details with them to see if you are eligible. You have until 29 February to make that call and the Government has provided an eligibility checker for households to use ahead of the deadline.

The support covers winter 2023 to 2024 and eligible families will see the reduction applied to their bill – not directly to a bank account – up until 31 March 2024.

Households on Guarantee Credit will automatically receive support

In England and Wales, you’ll qualify if you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, or if you are on a low income and have high energy costs.

For those in Scotland, you’ll receive the discount if you have the same credit elements, or you are on a low income and meet your energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme.

Whether you have a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go electricity meter, you could still be eligible for a helping hand. If your circumstances fit the requirements, contact your energy supplier to see what method you’ll get the discount. One way might be a top-up voucher to use on your meter.

However, the scheme is not running in Northern Ireland but an ‘Affordable Warmth Scheme’ is instead available for low-income families.

Minister ‘urges people on low incomes’ to act now

Meanwhile, with gas and electricity bills rising 5% this year following a new energy price cap limit, the minister for affordability and skills, Amanda Solloway, encouraged families to utilise the support.

Solloway said: “We will always act to support the most vulnerable – and this means making sure those most in need are getting the right support.

“Today, I am urging people on low incomes who have been notified about the Warm Home Discount to make sure they act now to get £150 off their energy bill.

“Please check your letter and call our helpline before the end of February if you need to provide more information.”