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Ring-a-ding-ding: The house numbers commanding the highest sale prices

Ring-a-ding-ding: The house numbers commanding the highest sale prices
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The price of odd-numbered homes are on average £2,500 higher than their even counterparts, analysis reveals.

The average price of £267,500 has been recorded on sales of odd-numbered homes in England and Wales, compared to £265,000 for even-numbered properties – a 1% difference.

That’s according to Yopa’s analysis of 260,000 property transactions completed between January and August 2023.

The national estate agency revealed the volume of sales for odd and even numbers was evenly split but the number two topped the table for the most common property number purchased with 10,031 properties.

Ironically, the second most popular was the house number one, Yopa said.

The rest of the top ten most popular numbers ran from three to 10 in ascending order.

Anyone buying a house with a door number of 195 is likely to fork out more as this proved to be the priciest, commanding an average of £340,000.

The rest of the top ten priciest numbers to have on your front door was full of ‘unconventional’ numbers according to Yopa, with 213, 117 and 173 all boasting an average sold price of £300,000 or more.

Far less conventional numbers ‘commanding highest prices’

The CEO of Yopa, Verona Frankish, said: “The latest figures show that the nation is pretty much split down the middle when it comes to both the price paid and the volume of sales for both odd and even numbered properties. When breaking the figures down further, the more conventional numbers remain the most common when it comes to the total number of homes sold. This is only to be expected given that they are far more plentiful when it comes to housing stock levels.

“However, in today’s market, it’s the far less conventional numbers that are commanding the highest price. It might seem strange that one number may be more valuable than another, but they can still be hugely influential to homebuyers and their preference of property.

“Some may suffer from the fear of odd numbers [imparnumerophobia], while others may make their decision based on sentimental or superstitious influences. It may be that on a certain street, one side of either odd or even numbered homes also boast south facing gardens, which can also help boost house price potential.”