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Royal Mint launches new 50p coin celebrating The Snowman

Royal Mint launches new 50p coin celebrating The Snowman
Matt Browning
Written By:
Matt Browning

This Christmas there will be a new coin floating in the moonlit sky as The Royal Mint has launched a 50 pence piece in honour of The Snowman.

The new design by award-winning illustrator Robin Shaw celebrates Raymond Briggs’ legendary picture book released in 1978. It is also the first in a range of collectable 50p coins honouring The World of The Snowman to feature King Charles III portrait.

Prices for the collectable coin range from £11 to £70, while a limited edition ‘gold proof’ version (now sold out) would set you back £1,220 – these coins will not enter general circulation but will be legal tender.

This year is the sixth time the festive book-turned-film has been reimagined on the 50p coin, with the illustrations hoping to keep alive the iconic story of James, who builds a snowman that magically comes to life.

It also marks a busy time for the coin makers, as designs for the first coins under King Charles III’s reign were released last week.

‘Collect a piece of British Christmas history’

Rebecca Morgan, director at The Royal Mint said: “The Royal Mint is delighted to celebrate the tale of The Snowman on official UK coins for its sixth year in 2023. Continuing our partnership with award-winning illustrator Robin Shaw, we are excited to release another original festive coin that brings Raymond Briggs’ story to life in a new way.

“This year’s edition of The Snowman coin is particularly special, being the first of our Christmas coins with King Charles III’s effigy on its obverse. We hope that people love the coin’s design and look to collect a piece of British Christmas history.”

Robin Shaw wrote: “I am thrilled to enter my sixth year working with The Royal Mint, helping to bring Raymond Briggs’ classic winter’s tale to life for collectors and fans of the story alike.”