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This week’s best ISA accounts

This week’s best ISA accounts
Matt Browning
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Matt Browning

Metro Bank takes top spot for easy access accounts again but with a few mutuals dropping market-leading rates, there are fresh names at the top of the notice and fixed term accounts' charts.

The provider led the pack last week and its 5.11% AER offer is still the best available, as is its one-year fixed bond rate too.

For the first time in several weeks, there is also a new best notice account worth savers’ consideration.

Here is a rundown of all the top deals for ISA accounts this week, using data from Moneyfacts.

Easy access accounts

Its Instant Access Cash ISA deal is 5.11% AER and comes with a bonus of 3.46% for 12 months once a minimum account balance of £500 is met during the first 28 days. There are no withdrawal restrictions, but savers need to open an account in a branch.

There’s no movement in second place either – Moneybox’s app-only Cash ISA is 5.09% AER at £500, with a 0.84% bonus for 12 months. If more than three withdrawals are made within 12 months, a lower rate of 0.75% will be applied.

Another saver which needs an app to commence and manage saving is Zopa’s Smart ISA – Access ISA, priced at 5.08% AER with interest paid monthly. There are no withdrawal restrictions, but savers will have to open a Smart Saver account via the Smart Savings Hub. Only £1 needs to be deposited to get going too.

Fixed-rate bonds

Metro Bank is not only the top easy access on offer, but the best-fixed rate bond too – boasting 5.71% AER on its 1-Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA.

Opening the account needs to happen in branch (can be managed online or by phone) but needs no deposit initially. Although further transfers are permitted for 30 days from the account opening, early access is granted on closure – subject to 180 days’ loss of interest.

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society is the sole leader of the top two-year fix rate since Melton removed its previous market-leading deal. The 30-Month Fixed Rate Cash ISA – Issue 5 pays 5.30% AER at £500. Further additions are not permitted and internal transfers from Cash ISAs are only accepted when the account is opened. However, early access is followed by 180 days’ loss of interest. Opening the account must be done in a branch or by phone, where transactions can then be managed.

Nottingham Building Society continues to offer the best three-year options, with its Fixed Rate ISA Issue 157 priced at 4.90% AER on £500. Early access comes with a 180-day loss of interest and is permitted on transfers.

As well as leading the two-year fix table, Hinckley & Rugby tops the five-year alternatives thanks to the 5-Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA – Issue 5 which pays 4.90% AER.

A minimum deposit of £500 is needed, while no further additions are accepted. However, early access is permitted, subject to 365 days’ loss of interest on the offer, which can be opened (and managed) by post or in your local branch.

Notice ISA accounts

As always, the 30-Day Notice Cash ISA Issue 12 tops the notice charts, although there are changes for the longer-term categories. Aldermore’s flexible ISA pays 4.50% AER monthly or on anniversary, and needs at least £1,000 to open. It’s an online account and further additions and early access are permitted, though withdrawing early will lead to a charge of 30 days’ loss of interest.

West Brom Building Society removed its previously long-lasting market-leading rate on 60-day notice account. The best deal now comes from Harpenden Building Society’s 45-day Notice ISA Account (Issue 1).

The account pays 4.55% AER, needs a minimum of £1,000 to start saving and further additions are allowed without restrictions, but early access is not permitted. It can be opened and managed online, in branch or by post.