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Happy New Year as two Premium Bonds holders scoop £1m jackpot

Happy New Year as two Premium Bonds holders scoop £1m jackpot
Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Lucky Premium Bonds holders in Warwickshire and Nottingham have got the New Year off to a flying start, each winning £1m in the January 2024 draw.

The first £1m winner is from Warwickshire and scooped the life-changing sum with bond number 546JZ698132. They hold £20,083 in Bonds and only bought the winning number in July 2023. Warwickshire is now home to eight Premium Bonds jackpot millionaires.

The second bond number picked by ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) was 352SX574068 held by an NS&I customer from Nottingham.

They hold £49,575 in Premium Bonds and bought the winning ticket in February 2019. They are the tenth Premium Bonds jackpot millionaire from Nottingham.

Are you a January 2024 Premium Bonds prize draw winner?

In January’s draw, there were 122.7 billion eligible numbers with more than 5.8 million prizes worth £475.5m up for grabs. Since the first draw in 1957, ERNIE has drawn over 666 million prizes worth £29bn.

While the £1m winners are informed on the first working day of the month, for everyone else, you need to wait until Wednesday 3 January to find out if you’ve won anything at all.

You can use the nsandi.com prize checker, official prize checker app or an Alexa-enabled device from tomorrow. To check, you need your Premium Bonds holder’s number to use the website and the NS&I number or holder’s number to check via the prize checker app.

However, you can get a sneak peek of the ‘high value winners’  (£5,000+) here today, which gives the prize value, the winning bond number, the holding, area and the date the winning bond number was purchased.

Unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes

You can also check for any unclaimed prizes owed to you.

Premium Bonds prize winners are notified when they win a prize, but sometimes people move or change their contact details without letting NS&I know – this can lead to unclaimed prizes if they have opted to receive their prize by cheque.

In Warwickshire, there are 15,928 prizes worth £531,325 that are yet to be claimed. The oldest unclaimed prize is worth £25 and is from the May 1967 draw. The largest unclaimed prize in Warwickshire is worth £10,000 and was from the January 2005 draw.

In Nottingham, there are 16,967 unclaimed prizes worth £568,150. The oldest unclaimed prize is worth £25 and is from the March 1965 draw. The largest unclaimed prize in Nottingham is worth £1,000 and there are eight in total. These are between the August 1985 and August 2020 draws.

In total, £80m in unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes is up for grabs.

To ensure you don’t miss out, you can set prizes to be automatically paid into a bank account or reinvested into more Premium Bonds.

‘Congratulations to the winners’

Andrew Westhead, NS&I retail director, said: “Congratulations to our first millionaires of 2024 from Warwickshire and Nottingham – a wonderful way to welcome the New Year in. The quickest way to check if you have won a prize is to use our Premium Bonds prize checker app, check online, or even ask Alexa from the second working day of each month onwards.

“New Year is also a good time to check that NS&I has your up-to-date details and to get winnings paid straight into your bank account, so that any of your prizes don’t go unclaimed this year.”